Vocal / Keyboards

This artist defines his music as “Funky Contemporary Jazz” and he is perfectly right.

The instrumental virtuosity proper to Jazz and the rhythmic typical of Funk are a good match. With his album “Kickback”, produced by the American lyricist M Vaughn Duck, he signs 9 original compositions, all imbued with a spirit very “Soul” and adorned with luxurious arrangements.

The group gathered for this album includes some of the best regional musicians (Tony SGRO on Bass and Stéphane BRUNELLO on Guitar), the excellent Chicagoan Turlo drummer Damonte Murray, met by Sonny when both accompanied the Bluesman Sugar Blue and a brass section full of punch that completes the ensemble .

The album, very high class, should be favored by Jazz and Soul radio. Gilbert d’Alto (The Strada, The Jazzophone)