World Music / Inde-France

This trio composed of Rishab PRASANNA, David AMAR and Davy SUR is a combination of several musical sketches. We find the organic breath of Rishab PRASANNA’s flute, the bansuri and the synthetic and vocal textures of David AMAR. It is after a human and musical blow of heart between Davy SUR and Rishab PRASANNA that these artists promise themselves to build a joint project.

Rishab PRASANNA, heir to a long line of musicians from Benares, wanted for a long time to collaborate with a versatile musician including his musical language. In order to push the experiment, they wished to bring the acoustic and synthetic sound texture to the duet. They decide to call on David AMAR, who is familiar with current music scenes, and who gather around the MILAP project.

Rishab PRASANNA has been performing solo in India and Europe for several years now. He is appreciated for his musical sensibility, the finesse of his playing and his charisma on stage.

David AMAR began learning the Saxophone at 13 and then returned to the CNRR Nice Jazz section. Influenced by current music, he continues his career as an autodidact forging his reputation as a versatile musician. He approaches the voice like an instrument and his vocal improvisations mix scat, beatbox, diphonic songs and saturated voices.

Davy SUR, carried by Mediterranean and Indian influences, evolves behind his set of atypical percussions (hybridization of a deconstructed drums, of a ghatam, an Andalusian cajon, indian ghungroos, artisanal jazz cymbals). His passion for “creating” his rhythms and his many travels around the world allow him to find musical colors in his rhythmic and melodic compositions.


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